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Never Miss a Flight

With Mauritius Airport’s notification system, never miss a flight and find out about last-minute changes the moment they happen - an app to simplify your travel.


Using Mauritius Airport grants you access to vouchers that in turn will offer you discounts on certain products and services around the airport.

Airport Departures and Arrivals

With only a few taps, you can access all flight schedules from and to Mauritius, neatly divided into arrivals, departures and those you’ve chosen to track.

Tracked flights will be listed under a special ‘My Flights’ tab for a better organised app.

all flights in mauritius

Flight Details

Find out all you need to know on flights, from the date and time at which they leave or land, the airline, the stopovers and all other relevant information that will help you get to that flight.

The information is updated in real-time so that you know exactly, to the minute, when a plane will take off.

Flight Details

Flights from or to Mauritius

Mauritius Airport is designed to be your companion to make your time through the SSR International Airport a breeze. Whether you are arriving in Mauritius or leaving, it’s the app for you. Make your flights more pleasant, get the app now.

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